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Thank you from The Manor

Staff and students were presented with a card from the Gravenhurst Manor today for their Christmas spirit before the holidays. The Christmas card said:

“It is with great appreciation that the Residents at The Manor Gravenhurst received the gift of caring and community spirit this holiday season” says Joanne Fairbrass, Life Enrichment manager at The Gravenhurst Manor. Katrina MacDonald, from Beechgrove Public School, recently contacted the Manor with the wonderful idea of sharing a virtual Christmas concert with the residents. Things quickly evolved with Stacy Semple of Boston Pizza, generously offering to provide 50 meals for the residents to enjoy as part of the festivities. Lastly, Annette Gillian of Well Fed will be topping off the evening with gourmet shortbread cookies- a perfect ending for this special festive event!”

We are truly fortunate to have such a caring community here at Beechgrove. Staff and students worked hard to create decorations and christmas cards for all the residents and it warms our hearts to see the appreciation from The Manors staff and residents.

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