School Routines

Routines are designed annually to ensure that the school runs efficiently and remains as safe and orderly as possible. To be effective, it is essential that all of the school community comply with these routines. 

Routines are designed annually to ensure that the school runs efficiently and remains as safe and orderly as possible. To be effective, it is essential that all of the school community comply with these routines. 

Absences / Lates / Appointments

Parents are asked to contact the school Safe Arrival Line at 687-7802 whenever their child will be absent from school.  Students who are present at school dramatically increase their ability to be successful. Students with a significant number of absences must be referred to the Trillium Lakelands DSB Student Services Worker.Students who arrive late to class must report to the office with a parent or with a note from a parent to sign in.  Students who are late without good reason will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students who must leave school for appointments will be summoned from classes when their parent or guardian arrives to pick them up.  Parents must sign out students before they leave for appointments etc.  Upon arrival back to school following an appointment, students must report to the office to sign in.

Regardless of reasons for being late or absent, it is the students’ responsibility to catch up on any missed work that the teacher deems as necessary.  Students may be asked to serve time in class over breaks in order to get caught up.


Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right.  Students are required to comply with the bus regulations clearly printed at the front of each bus and to obey the instructions of the driver. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent removal of bus riding privileges.  Students must also comply with driver / teacher / administrator directives regarding the loading and unloading of buses.


Breakfast Program

Breakfast is available between 8:20 and 8:40 a.m.  This program is provided for every student.

Cell Phones/iPods

Students are not permitted to use cell phones / iPods or other distracting devices during the school day.  All cell phones are to be turned off during school hours.

Classroom Supplies

Students will be furnished with the majority of classroom supplies that the teacher has deemed as necessary for completion of all work.  Students may, however, be asked or choose to supplement basic classroom supplies with additional supplies or alternatives.  Individual classroom teachers will provide a list of what each student needs.  Students are expected to attend all classes fully prepared with all necessary classroom supplies every day.

Code Red Drills

In consultation with staff from the Ontario Provincial Police and in accordance with the TLDSB Procedures for Violent Emergency Response Plan (CODE RED), specific school procedures have been developed to deal with any major violent incident at MBPS.  These specific procedures will be shared with students and parents prior to the first CODE RED drill of the school year (including date and time).  Code Red drills will be held three times per school year.


Community Information

Is posted in our Newsletters and on our website for your convenience.

Crossing Guard

The Crossing Guard is on duty every school day.  The schedule is 8:20 – 8:45, 12:50 -1:30, 3:10 – 3:30.  Students are expected to cross with the Crossing Guard.

Dress Code

Grooming, dress and appearance will reflect respect for the business of education. We will not wear articles of clothing, jewellery, etc. bearing sexually-suggestive, lewd, obscene, racist, illegal, drug related, violent, or sexist language or symbols.  Students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner at all times, and must comply with directives by teachers and administrators regarding inappropriate dress.


Parents/Guardians of students will only be permitted to enter the school’s Parking lot, if they are using the DROP-OFF/PICK UP ZONE.  It is a ONE WAY traffic lane and cars are NOT to be left unoccupied.  Parking Spaces in the parking lot are for school staff and school visitor use only.  Please DO NOT PARK in the bus loading zone or block the staff parking.  Parents may park along Muskoka Beach Road if needed.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency school evacuation location is the Gravenhurst Centennial Centre.

Extra-Curricular/House League

The purpose of extra-curricular activities and house leagues is to further enrich students’ educational experience. Every student has the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, and students who represent Muskoka Beechgrove are expected to demonstrate exemplary behaviour while participating within or outside the school.

Fire Alarms

A continuous sounding of the fire alarm is the signal that all students are to leave the building. Posted in each room is the exit and alternate required to be used in case of fire. As soon as students hear the alarm, they are to go outside as quickly as possible using the nearest exit (without running). Once outside, students are to follow teachers’ directions and move well away from the exits and fire routes. When the all-clear bell sounds repeatedly, students may return to their classrooms. Drills will be conducted at unscheduled times to reinforce these procedures.  There are six practice drills per school year.

Hallway Routines

Students are not permitted in hallways during class time without teacher permission.  All students are expected to use appropriate voice volume while walking in the hallways.  Students should line up quietly and in single file while waiting to be invited into class.  During transition times, students should move quickly and quietly to their next class without loitering or causing a disturbance.  During transitions, IPODS, MP3 players, cameras, cell phones, or video games or any other electronic devices may not be used in hallways.


Homework is an important component of a student’s education, and is only assigned when it directly supports classroom curriculum.  Homework and its completion are assessed under the “Learning Skills” section of the report, and are not calculated into a student’s overall mark.  Research has shown that carefully assigned and assessed homework has a greater influence on the academic success than any other single factor.

Inclement Weather

The school is always open.  If your child/ren walk to school, please be sure to call the Safe Arrival line if they are staying home or will be late.

Internet Use

Trillium Lakelands DSB has an Internet Use Policy in place that clearly states expectations and responsibilities with respect to student use of internet in schools.  A form which is to be signed by both student and parents / guardians will be sent home at the beginning of each school year.

Keeping our School Clean is always a priority that we take pride in.


Students should have access to the library on a weekly basis.  Library books can be loaned for a two week period, and students are allowed to sign out three books at a time.  Students who return books late or lose books may be subjected to consequences including fines and replacement costs.  Student may also be asked to provide library services (shelving books, etc) as a consequence for returning books late.  Students may be refused library privileges until all fines or restitution issues are addressed.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found box is located by the gym office.  Lost articles that are of significant value will be kept in the office until claimed.  Students are advised not to bring valuables or large amounts of cash to school.  Please check the Lost and Found as we have to empty it at various times throughout the year.


Students leaving school property for lunch must provide the office with a note from their parent/guardian on the day that they will be going out for lunch or a letter giving permission for the school year.  Students must sign out and in at the office upon departure and return each day.


All medication must be kept in the office for safe keeping and administration. Required documentation must be completed by the parent and Physician.  Only prescription medication will be administered to students in the office.  Non prescription medication is not permitted. 


Newsletters are distributed every month and posted on our website.

Nut-Safe School

We have students attending our school who have very severe allergies.  The allergy reaction may be life threatening, therefore we must make every effort to provide a “nut-free” environment.  This means that peanut butter and any foods that have trace amounts of nuts are not to be brought into the school.  We appreciate that this request may create an inconvenience for some of you, but for these children the presence of this food could prove fatal.  Please help us to maintain a safe environment for all of our students.  Please advise the school of any/all allergies.

Nutrition Breaks

Nutritional breaks will be provided in classes twice daily. (Parents and students are encouraged to make healthy lunch choices as well).

Pediculosis Policy

Periodically throughout the school year we will be having school-wide pediculosis checks at Beechgrove.  Trained parent volunteers will be checking all students in the school, class by class. Trillium Lakelands DSB Policy states that any child found to have head lice will be excluded from school until the first shampoo treatment has been completed and the nits are removed. You will be called to remove your child from school if your child is found to have nits or active pediculosis.  An information video on pediculosis is available to borrow from the school along with information brochures on how to treat pediculosis.

Personal Property

It is recommended that students leave personal property of great value at home. The loss of personal property must be reported to the main office immediately. The school will make every effort to recover lost or stolen property but will not be responsible for replacing it or making restitution for its loss.

Physical Education

Is an important part of our curriculum. We are also involved in the QDPA  ((Quality Daily Physical Activity) program.


Students will…

  • enter and exit through designated doors.
  • leave sticks, stones and other objects on the ground
  • snowballs are restricted
  • remain within the school yard boundaries
  • treat our natural surroundings with care
  • refrain from bringing food or drinks outside
  • follow the school seasonal rules

Progress Reports

Formal progress reports will be issued 3 times per year to parents.  Students or parents may request a progress report at any time during the school year from classroom teachers.  Classroom teachers will provide ongoing reporting to students informally and frequently through the school year as well.

Safe Arrival Policy

Muskoka Beechgrove has a Safe Arrival program designed for the safety of your children.  We ask that you call our safe arrival line at 687-7802 to let us know if your child will be absent or late FOR ANY REASON.  This number is in operation 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.  Please leave a message stating:  YOUR NAME, YOUR CHILD’S NAME, TEACHER, DATE AND THE REASON FOR ABSENCE.  If your child will be late we ask that you please contact the safe arrival line.

School Property

We expect our property to be respected as we respect your property.

Teams, Clubs, Activities

During the year staff members supervise a variety of extra-curricular activities in such areas as sports, music, drama, academics and students’ council.  Students are encouraged to participate in one or more of these activities.

Telephone Calls

Student phone calls are to be made from the office with teacher permission, and permission from office personnel.  Students are not permitted to use cell phones during the school day.  All cell phones are to be turned off during school hours.


The school building and grounds are deemed to be private property under the authority of the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. Except for registered students, school and board staff, all visitors, including parents, must report directly to the school office to state the reason for their visit. While in the school, all visitors must comply with the school’s Code of Conduct. Unauthorized visitors may be charged with trespassing.  (Students from other schools will not be permitted at MBPS during the school day without pre-arranged permission).


We hope to continue with an active volunteer program this year at Beechgrove.  We have found in the past that volunteers greatly enrich our programs in many ways.  In the past, volunteers have helped out with the safe arrival program, worked with individual or small groups of students, assisted in the library, assisted with class outings, and helped out with other special events.  Volunteers are also needed for our breakfast program, pediculosis checks, and gardening.  Since the fall of 1997, volunteers in the school have been required to follow the Board Policy for Volunteers in the School.  All volunteers must have a Police Reference Check.  If you would like to be a school volunteer, please Contact the office at 687-2162 for more information.


The school maintains a website for use by parents and students as well as our own staff.  On it you will find important information.  Please bookmark the website as soon as possible and keep checking for updates.