The 3 R’s at Muskoka Beechgrove Public School

Rights        Responsibility        Respect 

Muskoka Beechgrove Public School: Code of Behaviour

Our Beliefs

Muskoka Beechgrove Public School strives to encourage active, independent lifelong learners through programs that recognize the diversity of individual abilities and interests. We work to create a positive learning environment that develops and extends knowledge, skills, adaptability, self-worth, respect and responsibility for the rights of the group. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere and environment where each member has pride in the school, in one’s self and in individual and collective accomplishments. We promote a nurturing, supportive environment where the rights responsibilities and needs of all members are accepted and a sense of well-being, personal accomplishment and self-worth is recognized.

The teaching/learning of these beliefs is the responsibility of the parents, the school staff, the students, and the community members.

School Rules

  • 1. All members of the Muskoka Beechgrove community will engage in safe behaviour at all times. Students will:
  • – Play in a safe, nonviolent manner
  • – Treat others the way they would want to be treated
  • – Remain on school property unless permission has been given
  • – Follow all bus rules


  • 2. All members of the Muskoka Beechgrove community will interact in a positive and courteous fashion. They will:
  • – Use appropriate language at all times, free of put-downs or bullying
  • – Use only positive language and body language
  • – Remember quiet places and quiet times
  • – Accept all members of the school community

•3.       All members of the Muskoka Beechgrove community will respect the responsibility of their individual roles. They will:

  • – Listen to what others are saying
  • – Do what is expected of them promptly and cheerfully
  • – Know and follow school and class rules
  • – Work hard to make Beechgrove a great place to be

•4.       All members of the Muskoka Beechgrove community will respect all school and personal property. They will:

  • – Be proud of our school
  • – Respect the things in and around our school
  • – Ask permission before touching another person’s property
  • – Respect our environment and do their best to preserve it

Dress Code:

While at Beechgrove students are expected to dress appropriately and in accordance with the Trillium Lakelands DSB policy #8320 (discrimination, drugs, alcohol, etc.) Guidelines for appropriate dress include:

  • – Skirts and shorts should be longer than the tips of the fingers when the arm is extended down the side
  • – When arms are raised above the head, bare skin should not be exposed in the midriff
  • – No “spaghetti” straps
  • – Hats must be removed in school
  • – Rude or suggestive language/pictures on clothing should be avoided

Board Pediculosis Policy

Periodically throughout the school year we will be having school-wide Pediculosis checks at Beechgrove.  Trained parent volunteers will be checking all students in the school, class by class.

 Trillium Lakelands School Board Policy states that any child found to have Pediculosis will be excluded from school until the first shampoo treatment has been completed and the nits are removed. You will be called to remove your child from school if your child is found to have nits or active lice. We will inform you if anyone in your child’s class gets Pediculosis. An information video on head lice is available to borrow from the school along with information brochures on Pediculosis and how to treat it.

Please help us out at Beechgrove by regularly checking your child’s head for nits.  Finding and treating Pediculosis early will stop the spread of Pediculosis among children.